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November 4 & 5, 2020

Little Wren of Prince Albert was born very premature, weighing just two pounds. After birth, she was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where she spent the first two months of her life in an incubator and intubated for the first 19 days. She was then placed on CPAP and high flow and low flow oxygen for three months.

Wren was one of the first patients to move into the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital on September 29, 2019 when doors opened. She was then transferred to Prince Albert and in total has spent 102 days in the hospital before going home. Today, Wren is 14 months old and a happy, healthy little girl. She will be a regular visitor to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital as she grows for follow-ups and therapies.

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Fundraiser Progress
Fundraiser Progress
$3,180 raised of $10,000

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$50 Enid Taggart
$20 Julie Christensen
$2,500 Westar Ventures Ltd.
$50 Heidi and Adam Ruszkowski
$50 Mandi Newman
$100 Joy Weinberger
$50 Glenda Weisgerber
$100 Brenda Hudon
$20 Elsie Richter
$100 Debra Bakstad
$50 Alyson Cullum
$40 Tara Petruk
$50 Garret Toner

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