Pledge Your Birthday

A Better Way to Celebrate!

When you pledge your birthday, every dollar you raise stays right here in Saskatchewan kids and families in need. It’s quick, easy and fun! Just let family and friends know that this year, instead of gifts, you would like them to donate to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation in your honour.

By pledging your birthday, you support urgently needed maternal and pediatric equipment, technology and research. It’s the ultimate gift for a child in hospital.

Download our Birthday Giving Guide HERE for more information!

Personalized Fundraising Page

We can set you up with a webpage to share with family and friends! You can personalize it with photos, a message, and even set a fundraising goal. Donations can be made directly on the page, helping you reach your goal.


Birthday Invitation Inserts

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Donation Tracking Form

To help you stay organized, download our donation pledge form to help you keep track of who has contributed to your fundraiser.

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Printable Bunting

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Thank You Cards

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Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Timothy Zagozewski
Kathy McCaig
Penny LeSage
Finning (Canada)
Carlotta Ganter
Crystal Verot
Tony Bassutti
Amber Benson
Val Choo-Foo
Langham Evangelical Bible Church
Carlee Brattan
Cary & Wendy Schuler
Monte & Dawn Kesslering
Greystone Managed Investments
Brett Welder
Brett Makulowich
Norbert and Janie Fries
Moana Surfrider
Avery Linton Legacy Foundation
Ken Farago
Kenneth Juba
Mark Lutkin
Kerry and Lauree Skinner
Shelly Pikowicz
Ryan & Nicole Bast
Robert Goeres
Christie Hill
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