Air Canada Foundation – Hospital Transport Program

Policy Guidelines:

This program is for out-of-province medical travel for one child (18 years old or under) and one accompanying adult. The applicants must be residents of Saskatchewan.

  1. The family must complete and return the application at least 10 days prior to the desired departure date. The application must be complete particularly detailing any special requirements for Air Canada – e.g. oxygen, wheelchair, meals etc.
  2. Along with the application, the family must provide written documentation from their specialist and/or pediatrician/family doctor explaining why out-of province travel is required, before any arrangements can be made.
  3. Each application will be considered based upon urgency and need, with each application being reviewed on a “case by case” basis. Should the application be approved, the return airfare will be provided for the child and one accompanying adult.
  4. Travel arrangements will be dependent upon availability with Air Canada.
  5. The family will need to supply JPCHF and Air Canada (departing and returning) with a medical note from the child’s doctor indicating that it is safe for the child to travel via plane and that should any complications arise from the air travel, that Air Canada is in no way liable for those.
  6. The family must be able to produce the appropriate travel documents as required by federal government regulations including photo identification, birth certificates, and legal documents pertaining to custody arrangements. Failure to provide these documents will result in rejection of the application.
  7. After approval of one trip for a family, JPCHF will consider follow-up visits in future, should it be required. These subsequent trips are in no way guaranteed but will be considered amongst other applications.
  8. After returning from medical out-of province treatment using JPCHF and Air Canada Foundation Family Medical Transport Program, the family should be amenable to publicly thanking and/or acknowledging the two organizations for their assistance and contribution, if requested.

This application will be reviewed and approved through the Executive staff and/or Board of Directors of JPCHF on a case by case basis

  • Applicant Information

  • Medical Information

  • *Please attach written documentation from the child’s specialist and/or family doctor explaining why out-of-province travel is necessary (see #2 of Policy Guidelines).
  • Travel Information

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