About the Hospital

Thanks to foresight and years of hard work, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is now open.

What Makes Us Different

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation and its many partners began a quest for a specialized facility tailored to caring for the unique needs of children and families over a decade ago. Thanks to foresight and years of hard work, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital has opened doors for the babies, moms-to-be, children and families of Saskatchewan.

The new Pediatric Emergency is a calming space where children feel secure and cared for while receiving emergency medical attention.

For the first time, maternal care is on one floor, allowing moms-to-be to labour, give birth and stay with their new baby and supportive partner in the same private room.

With family-centred care in mind, a short-term child-minding space is available for siblings so that parents can focus on their child's medical appointment.


Child Life Zone
Main Lobby Theatre
100% Private Patient Rooms
Outdoor Play Space
Pediatric Sleep Lab
Twin NICU Rooms
Child Minding Area

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