Mistview Media Presents: The Wolfman (1941)

by Mistview Media

May 4, 2024
Magic Lantern Roxy Theatre


My name is Brayden Martens, and I am the owner and proprietor of Mistview Media. For the past 5 years, I have been able to live out my dreams as a comic book writer. May 4th will mark a momentous day as issue 12 of Auroraman, Saskatchewan’s very own superhero, will be released at Free Comic Book Day at Amazing Stories in Saskatoon. This issue is particularly special to me as I had the privilege of being a guest writer for one of the featured stories.

When both Jeff Burton (The creator of Auroraman) and I were asked to appear at Amazing Stories for Free Comic Book Day for the book launch, both of us jumped at the opportunity. However, something was pulling at me when it came to the comic event and I felt like it was missing something. It is from this feeling that the event of Mistview Media presenting The Wolfman 1941 film was born.

Cinema has always been a medium that has brought people together and has been a deep love for both Jeff and me. While there are many genres, I have always gravitated towards the monsters of cinema and have loved none of them more than the Wolfman. Universal Studios 1941 The Wolfman takes us back in time to when films were still in black & white and excited the imagination rather than bludgeon it. With its PG rating, this monster film has become relatively tame by today’s standards, yet its themes still hold to this day. With this movie night, I hope to prove that heroes don’t only belong on a page, but that they are an ideal that is within all of us. It is my prayer that you would also feel as I do, and join us by donating to the incredible organization that is the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Admission to the event is free, but donations will be taken towards Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. Perhaps this Free Comic Book Day we can prove that heroes are not only found in the pages of comics.

I hope to see you May 4th at 4 pm at the Roxy Theater when Mistivew Media presents The Wolfman (1941)…

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