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The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation sees a future where our province’s children and families have access to the very best in pediatric and maternal care, equipment and research. We see a future where children and families have their needs met right here at home. We all win with a gift that gives back to our friends, family, neighbors, community, and province.

Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Duck Duck Go Inc
Little Wonders Event Management
Ella Landels Isabel Corry
Cristina Ugolini Hill
Doug & Sheila Clark
Arjun Paul
Allison Traweger
Craig Finn
Heather Detwiller
Amanda Farnsworth
Nicole Young
Scarlet Bizzarri
Deloitte & Touche Foundation Canada
Les & Yvette Bolen
Darrell Olbrich
Michael / Xiaoling Taggart
FFUN Enterprises Inc.
Wascana Centre Authority
Triki Zenner
Paulla Blackwell
Sheila Fahlman
Lisa Pajunen
Michelle Busa
James and Sheila Jarocki
Ron Agostino
Sarah Klatt
Brian Lebersback
Stephanie McIntosh
Jan Strawson

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