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The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation sees a future where our province’s children and families have access to the very best in pediatric and maternal care, equipment and research. We see a future where children and families have their needs met right here at home. We all win with a gift that gives back to our friends, family, neighbors, community, and province.

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Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Debbie McKinnon
Christine Akre
Allison McIlmoyl
James Pender
Rena Goodin
Christine Jakobs
Alfredo Zumpano
Diane Boser
Mellanie Jones
Sheldon & Alonna Morrison
Gary & Verna Mang
Craig Finn
Karen Rowbottom
Angela Lutz
Shona Dietz
LaRoche McDonald Agencies Limited
Memory of Vivianne Leah Bouliane
Alexandra Blackwell
David Schreiner
Lisa Guttormson
Clint Forster
Phillip Gleim
Peter Flengeris
Hope Fremont
Carol Reich
Butler Byers Insurance Ltd
Booth-Burnett Insurance Ltd
Liana Schuler
Mark Adams
Robert and Donna Baragar

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