Age: 8 Months
Hometown: Île-à-la-Crosse
Condition: PBX-1 genetic mutation

Eight-month-old Layna has spent most of her life within the walls of Saskatchewan’s Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital (JPCH).

Sydney, Layna’s mom, noticed differences during this pregnancy than with her other two. She was concerned something wasn’t right, so she drove from Île-à-la-Crosse every two weeks for appointments at JPCH before her delivery. While there were some issues in scans, there didn’t seem to be anything alarming with Sydney’s baby.

Sydney felt confident going into labour, but things quickly shifted when Layna came into the world. Layna wasn’t breathing and the medical team performed CPR right away.

The first few months were difficult. It was an uncertain time and there were moments Sydney didn’t know if her baby would survive. Layna was in the NICU until early August before being transferred to the PICU, where she still is today. She has been diagnosed with a PBX-1 genetic mutation which impacts the function of her kidneys, lungs and heart. In her short life, Layna has already had numerous surgeries and procedures.

It has been a long journey, but Sydney says Layna is a sassy and happy baby who takes everything in stride. JPCH has become another home for Sydney and Layna, and they are grateful to have specialized care right here in Saskatchewan.

“All the staff have been amazing, down to the cleaning service. Everyone knows and loves Layna that comes through the PICU and she’s honestly very spoiled. The staff have been very nice to me, always asking how I am doing and reminding me I need to go on breaks because sometimes I’ll stay at the hospital all day,” Sydney said about her experience at JPCH.

Today, Layna continues to hit milestones and make her family very proud. She was recently able to go outside for the first time which she absolutely loved. While there are still some unknowns about what’s next for Layna, Sydney hopes they’ll be able to go home and be reunited with Layna’s dad and siblings in the coming months.

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