Alumni Miracle Story Madisyn

Alumni Miracle Story Madisyn

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2023 Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Radiothon presented by CIBC Wood Gundy

When Madisyn was nine months old, mom Lindsey began to notice that something was wrong with her daughter. She wasn’t hitting any of the typical milestones of a child that age. 

At 22 months of age, Lindsey was told that Madisyn likely wouldn’t walk until she was at least five years old.  Diagnosed with hypermobility, she was double jointed throughout her whole body.  Despite this, Madisyn took her first steps shortly after the diagnosis and began to develop like every other child, but that isn’t where her journey stopped. 

At her five year check up with her pediatrician, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine. Madisyn would have to wear a back brace for 23 hours of the day, unable to live life fully as a five year old. Despite treatment, the curves in Madisyn’s spine continued to get worse, to the point where she needed a spinal fusion surgery.

In June 2022, Madisyn underwent a ten hour surgery at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital where she had two titanium rods and 20 screws inserted into her back. During surgery, Madisyn lost a massive amount of blood requiring her to undergo two blood transfusions, a platelet transfusion, and two bone grafts. After Madisyn’s surgery, she was brought to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on life support where she would spend the next four days in critical condition. 

Madisyn is a fighter and has never complained about her condition. After correcting the curvature in her spine, Madisyn can now do the things she loves again like camping, swimming, and singing only now without the pain she experienced before. Her dream is to be a doctor one day so that she can help sick kids in Saskatchewan just like her.

$100 raised of $5,000 goal.

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