Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Foundation Sunshine Fund Grant: Criteria - $100,000 available annually

The amount of funding available and the number of grants requested may necessitate limiting the amount granted.

The Sunshine Fund will provide funding to the JPCH departments and units for:

  • Equipment, furniture or items (under $5,000) that are not on, or may not be funded through the SHA capital equipment list. If your department has a designated account, please inquire about accessing those first.
  • Minor renovations and improvements to family and waiting rooms.
  • Programs or projects that improve quality of care or access to care for patients, family members and visitors to JPCH.
  • Special initiatives to enhance staff morale at JPCH.
  • Innovative projects. Please call the JPCHF to discuss the idea prior to applying.

  • Please provide a compelling case for support including stats, information and photos for the Sunshine Fund Grant committee to evaluate why your request is important and should be funded.
  • JPCH staff members may apply with the approval of his/her department or unit Manager and Director (please note that both signatures are required).
  • Priority will be given to requests with no alternate source of funding and/or applications demonstrating matching funding.
  • Partnerships between patient care groups are encouraged.

  • Any department or program located at JPCH or the Alvin Buckwold Early Child Development Program.
  • Applications must include materials management quotes. Retail quotes will not be accepted unless approved/obtained by Materials Management. When seeking a quote for the Sunshine Fund items, please contact the purchaser for your department to obtain an approved quote. Shipping, taxes, brokerage as well as any other fees must be added on to this quote.

  • Items that would benefit only a single patient, staff member, education or training.
  • Application that does not include quotes approved by Materials Management.
  • Equipment that requires maintenance obligations.
  • Applications that provide an estimated cost. In order to avoid over/underfunding, we will only accept exact quotes.
  • Staff room renovations and or furniture as per SHA space policy.

Grants are adjudicated by the JPCHF Sunshine Fund Grant subcommittee, who will then recommend grants to be funded to the JPCHF Granting Committee.  The JPCHF Board of Directors has final approval.

A celebration will take place at JPCH where all applicants and JPCH staff are welcome to attend the public drawing of winners. The date is to be announced for early each calendar year.

Applications will be accepted throughout the 2023 year and reviewed February 2024.

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