Sunshine Maker Club

Sunshine Maker Club is a meaningful way to donate via pre-authorized payments of $20 or more, deducted by debit or credit card on the 15th of every month. It’s an easy way to spread your generosity throughout the year.

View our Sunshine Maker Club brochure HERE.

Become a Sunshine Maker

By signing up now, your gift will help build brighter futures for Saskatchewan’s families.

Call 306-931-4887 or 1-888-808-5437 to sign up today or sign up online!

Reasons to Give Monthly


Every Dollar Helps

Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan kids, moms, and families with your gift.

Jeremy Hubick
Zoe Anderson
Michelle Kirby
Barry and Giselle Frank
Josephine Berscheid
Denis Struble
Karen Toews
École College Park School Staff
Jim and Brenda Nowakowski
Christiane Catellier
Josh MacDonald
Nancy Lutz
Steve Gossling
Colton Carey
Bryan Dilling
Lorraine Braun
Island Web Design + Creative
Pierre-Andre Ranger
Allison McIlmoyl
Trevor & Deanna Arnold
Phillip Gleim
Claude Marchand
Mellissa Glab
Marg Ogrodnick
Alana Patzwald
Jordan & Nicole Hanrieder
Tim Sletten
Ryan Bayne
Jason Dierker
Kristin Schlamp