December 18, 2020

Saskatoon family donates $50,000 for specialized pediatric equipment

Dr. Ivan Jen and Dr. Suzanne Yip have together contributed to the local medical community for a combined approximately 80 years, and while now retired, the family is continuing their legacy of giving back to the people of Saskatchewan.

(L to R) Dr. Stephen Jen, Dr. Ivan Jen, Leslie Jen, Dr. Suzanne Yip

The Saskatoon couple, along with their two children, Dr. Stephen Jen (DMD) and Leslie Jen (FRAIC), have generously gifted more than $50,000 to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to help provide the latest tools and technology to help Saskatchewan kids in hospital.

The family has designated their gift to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Equipment Endowment, which goes towards purchasing specialized pediatric equipment for the new hospital.

“With the rapid changes and advances of technology, we fully realized the importance and need for better and improved diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and tools and the high cost of replacements. We, as a family, decided to support Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Equipment Endowment to fulfill this objective,” Dr. Jen said.

The couple first met as young students at the University of Saskatchewan, after both immigrated to Saskatchewan from Hong Kong in the early 1950s. The pair then went on to graduate from the College of Medicine in 1960. Following specialty training, Dr. Yip became a radiologist, and Dr. Jen was initially a general practitioner, and later became a dermatologist. The physicians said while they received other job offers from medical centres in North America, they chose to remain in Saskatoon to serve the citizens of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Jen and Dr. Yip have shown incredible care and investment in their community, as both medical professionals as well as philanthropists. Throughout the years, the couple’s generosity and deep commitment to their province have been a common thread, as they share a firm belief that the greatest joy in life is giving.

“In Oriental culture, expression of gratitude is very important. We, together with Stephen and Leslie, pledge to support as many charitable causes of value as possible and to serve our own country and the wonderful citizenry, especially as we now have our own magnificent, dynamic and new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, of which all of us should be very proud,” said Dr. Jen.

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Equipment Endowment is a great way to make a significant gift and leave a lasting legacy, ensuring specialized maternal and pediatric health care needs are met for future generations. Endowed funds are restricted capital funds held on a perpetual basis. The principal is protected and only the income is expended for urgent needs.

“We are very grateful to Dr. Jen and Dr. Yip, along with their family, for their incredible generosity. Their kindness and dedication with this gift of endowed funds for specialized pediatric equipment helps ensure Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital remains a world-class facility for future generations. This inspiring couple is not only leaving a lasting legacy in Saskatchewan with the phenomenal medical care they provided, but also with their philanthropic spirit that touches the lives of so many in our community,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO of Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

You can make a difference in the lives of Saskatchewan kids and families today by designating a donation to a specific fund, project or department.

To learn more about how you can contribute to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Equipment Endowment or other endowment opportunities, please email or call 306.931.4887. 

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